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Frequently Asked Questions

How does licensing work?
You can pick up "Component" licenses on a control basis or grab "Single framework" or "Multi framework" licenses for the entire set of tools. Options for large teams and organizations exist. These licenses come with additional benefits. Component, Single- and Multi-framework licenses cannot be used in authoring and development tools. If any doubts, please contact us.
One year of professional support and updates are provided with every new license purchase. You can optionally renewin maintenance services to continually receive updates, new products and support. The price for ongoing maintenance is 60% of the license fee.
One time fee or recurring?
Licenses are perpetual, one time purchases and they never expire. Licenses are issued with one year of free maintenance.
Refund Policy?
If you're not extremely satisfied with our product, for any reason, within 30 days you get a full refund! We don't want your money if you're not amazingly happy!
Does it work cross platform?
Yes, Mobiscroll UI works cross-platform. We spend thousands of hours optimizing the library for every major platform saving millions of development hours. We know you're time is precious, why spend it on something that has already be done?
Does it work with Cordova?
Yes, Mobiscroll UI works with Cordova and in regular webviews as well. You can use it to build you Web and Mobile apps. It basically runs everywhere where Javascript can be executed.
Purchasing for someone else?
After completing the purchase you can assign the licenses to one or more developers, inlcuding yourself. If you are a reseller, contact us about reseller accounts.
Do you offer Enterprise Licensing?
If you are interested in floating or enterprise licensing, please contact us for more info.
Startup and on a tight budget?
We'd love to work with you and we totally understand your situation. If you are willing to write and publish an honest review about your experience with mobiscroll on your blog, we'd be happy to offer you a 50% discount on your purchase. If you're interested let us know! Offer valid for "Multi-framework" license.

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"We spend lots of time building web app forms to work with Mobiscroll, which is fantastic.

Your software makes ours perform great!"
Henson Yem, Senior Technology Consultant, Tang Computers