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Small and flexible, trusted by large and small
We are a small team, fast, flexible and above all devoted. Happy to help you out, ready to find a solution to your problems. Probably that's why we are trusted by governmental institutions, companies large and small alike (See our amazing customers).
Being small is not a bad thing. We are able to respond to your inquiries quickly and get you results.

We are funded by our customers, so we don't have to please anybody but them!
Why do we do mobiscroll
We are bound to create amazing UI components so you don't have to think about the details.
We're spending thousands of development hours to save millions, so you can devote time and resources to your core business development efforts.
Mobiscroll is built on solid ground with HTML, CSS and Javascript because we believe that this technology is here to stay. Seeing every other day a new device popping up with the same basic properties. It has a touch screen, runs a browser and it is connected. This is why we believe that the perfect platform has arrived.
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Zoli Zoltan
Szilard Rock
Timi Timi

Still not convinced? Talk to us, we're friendly!

We are commited to bring you the best possible service and support. We are trying to build a company we'd like to do business with ourselves.

So rest assured, you can count on us!

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