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It made my cross platform app look and feel native. The software made the ux much better. The best part about this is the customization it offers across the board.

- Seth Wheeler, Granite Nutrition LLC

Once we started using Mobiscroll, our conversions have improved and the experience became much more delightful! Awesome service! Great product, really helped our business solve a problem!

- Daniel Maldonado, Ecommission Financial Services

Quality software and support - Purchased it for their calendar. We needed something that is better than what we can find from the net for free. Very clean UI and knowledgeable support staff.

- Jorge Dollisen, Getaka Corp

It has cross device support so it is very easy to create any component. When you have mobiscroll then you dont need to worry about new plugins. You will get most of them in the list.

- Mearaj Ali, BCG

Improved UI/UX for my Ionic 3 application. Very well done. Saved me a lot of time and effort to get a great looking UI that is clean and fast.

- Tim Rankel, MeMD

Super high quality controls, that are very easy to integrate and very intuitive to use from a users perspective.

- Manners MO, Flightman

Worth the investment. Is straight forward to integrate with existing projects.

- John Estima, ES

Simple and easy to integrate, top-notch support who will even assist in debugging your code!

- Chris Barton, Digital Trip

We saved a lot of money and we added a lot of value in terms of user experience.

- Benoit Sautel, goalmap SAS

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Some of the smartest companies rely on mobiscroll for their UI

I came across Mobiscroll when searching for UI controls for a Phonegap + Kendo UI app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Their demos were reassuring, and I was ready to buy it.

My first impression was very positive, I could make it run immediately. There were some issues on the way and I got really worried they could not be solved, but with their extraordinarily professional support every problem got fixed.

Robert De Simone, Founder, Hippopunk

Amazing piece of software, I love the simplicity of the UI and my customers love it too.

- Vinit Agrawal, TARS

Mobiscroll makes my apps work better and look like a good mobile app.

- Henrique Cabral, Appcentrica

Amazing Group to work with. Open minded to listening to new ideas. They continue to improve and extend the product.

- Jeff Johnson, SkunkworxLab

Mobiscroll makes it easy to deploy mobile friendly interfaces to web applications.

- Ben Roby, MetaFinity

Great versatile software suite which is easy to implement throughout my web apps.

- Paul Howarth, Weather

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We are using the Mobiscroll Calendar in one of our products Although it didn't come with the functionality we were looking for out of the box, the support team went above and beyond to help me with my problem.

I recommend it to anyone who is looking for mobile UI components with good documentation and examples and best of all stellar support.

Tom Maddocks, Web Developer, Blueleaf

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"Once we started using Mobiscroll, our conversions have improved and the experience became much more delightful!"
Daniel Maldonado, Sr. Web Designer, Ecommission Financial Services