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    onSet={function(event, inst) {
        this.setState({ mySelectedDate: inst.getVal() });
Our customers love us
We are using the Mobiscroll Calendar in one of our products. Although it didn't come with the functionality we were looking for out of the box, the support team went above and beyond to help me with my problem.
I was absolutely amazed by it and got so much more than I was expecting from support. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for mobile UI components with good documentation and examples and best of all stellar support.
Tom Maddocks, Web Developer, Blueleaf
We are using the Time Scroller and Calendar control. ... I've honestly had a hard time finding something the controls can't be configured to do.
I'm very impressed at Mobiscroll's support for different devices and browsers running on those devices. My team has tested the controls in multiple browsers on Android, iOS, and Windows desktops and devices. We've found almost no issues in any of these situations, and I find that quite remarkable. I also like that the controls are built on the latest HTML5 standards and JavaScript libraries, so I can trust that they will be future-compatible.
I also appreciate the Mobiscroll team's support of their product. I've found the examples on their blog and documentation to be straight-forward and useful. I've personally submitted two tickets on their Github site, and the team responded to both tickets within two days. I also appreciated their extensive demos both for testing of the controls on multiple devices and also for getting ideas of how to use the controls. They also offer a thoughtful range of licensing models. I truly believe that they are looking to serve their customers.
Matthew Pfluger, Founder,
We've been using Mobiscroll controls like the Calendar among other scrollers for a while now. During the development I bumped into a couple of issues, however I was able to solve them with the help of the support team.
I can characterize the support they offer with three simple words: nice, quick and effective.
It's good to know that somebody's got your back when you need it! I can recommend Mobiscroll to anyone who is looking for great mobile UI components which come with great support!
Cédric COURET, Director,
I came across Mobiscroll when searching for UI controls for a Phonegap + Kendo UI app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Their demos were reassuring, and I was ready to buy it.
My first impression was very positive, I could make it run immediately. There were some issues on the way and I got really worried they could not be solved, but with their extraordinarily professional support every problem got fixed.
I really prefer to pay when I get professional solutions.
Roberto De Simone, Owner, hippopunk
We're using the Listview in our Enterprise Workforce Management iPad app. Our customers where blown away by the gesture enabled work order list.
Most of the companies we serve are utilities and users may be wearing gloves or even operating the app from inside the bucket of a “cherry picker”. Field techs can complete complex actions without having to resort to using the keyboard.
Cliff Brown, Founder, TecTrac Inc.


All the controls and tools you need to build delightful products


Familiar setting for mobile and desktop with single and multi select for days & weeks


Let your users pick colors in a touch friendly way

Date & Time

Get started with the user friendly, scroller-style date & time pickers

Event Calendar

Lightweight calendar with variable and multiday events


Create beautiful forms with improved UX compared to native controls


Use this scroller-style selector for images, icons and text


Add gestures and deep interaction patterns to your mobile and desktop lists


Capture and convert force, mass, speed, temperature, distance with built-in templates or add custom units and conversions


Render horizontally scrollable menu and tab bars with paging and icon support


Pick and work with decimal and integers with this scroller-style control


Capture numeric values, currency, date, time and masked entries like PIN


Capture date & time ranges in a consistent matter using a calendar or scroller format


Let your users rate and grade items with a scoller a slider-style picker


Create custom scrollers with specific behavior, rendering data from custom sets or services


Elevate the user experience obove the native select with single, multi-value select and grouping functionality


Run with the countdown and built in stopwatch funtionality


Capture and work with streches of times in days, hours, minutes and seconds


Navigate the scroller hierarchical list with multi-level depth


Create, combine custom controls and content and render in inside the mobiscroll frame

Icon Builder

Build and save your custom icon sets with over 2500 icons to choose from

Cross-Platform UI

Deliver great cross-platform web and hybrid apps with adaptable themes


Support people with disabilities and right-to-left cultures with WAI-ARIA support, Section 508, and RTL rendering

Source Code

Integrate more tightly and add your own custom functionality to mobiscroll with downloadable source

Only in multi framework

Theme Builder

Customize the look and feel of the UI to match your brand and app


Support multi-lingual apps and serve UI with the correct culture settings

Responsive UI

Deliver great looking apps on multiple sized and shaped screens with adaptable and flexible controls

Download Builder

Fine tune your packages and choose to include only what you need. Save unnecessary weight from your resource files.

Simple Pricing

Per developer licensing for unlimited projects

The license is perpetual and issued per developer with one year of maintenance included.
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"We spend lots of time building web app forms to work with Mobiscroll, which is fantastic.

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Henson Yem, Senior Technology Consultant, Tang Computers