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Event calendar for desktop & mobile in a single package!

Fluidly move between screens and not between products. We offer a mobile first approach with as much polish as the desktop version.

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Everything you'd expect from a modern event calendar UI

It's your calendar we just give you the tools to build it.

We offer modularity, configuration and the tools to customize the looks & behavior.

Different views for different jobs

The event calendar supports four highly configurable views: a calendar view, scheduler with time grid, timeline and an agenda view.

See the calendar in action See the scheduler in action See the timeline in action See the agenda in action
Event calendar
Agenda view
Scheduler with time grid

Support for multiple resources
in the same calendar

With built-in resource support schedule events, tasks for multiple people or assets at the same time. Customize the header to clearly show who the event owners are.

Drag & drop, drag to create, individual and shared events are supported out of the box.

See Resources in action
Render multiple resources
Individual events
Shared events

Drag & drop support for event
creation & manipulation

Control drag & drop on a granular level. Resize, move, drag to create and click to create works on both touch and non-touch interfaces.

Validate against blocked dates & times and trigger custom actions in the various lifecycle events.

Play around with drag & drop
Drag to create new events
Original event
Proposed event

Create & edit event forms with
custom data fields

Add & edit events with custom data properties. Put together the best forms to let your calendar shine with the various fields and date/time pickers.

See how to add/edit events
Confirm dialog
Custom add event form

Advanced components for
event editing

Besides the great collection of fields and inputs use the mobile friendly date/time scrollers and desktop optimized dropdowns or calendar views for your custom add/edit forms.

See it in action
Calendar view
Mobile time scroller

Compared to FullCalendar

Let's take a look how Mobiscroll stacks up against FullCalendar and why it is great alternative for mobile, desktop and the responsive web.

Complete calendar experience
Event calendar component
Calendar view
Time grid / Vertical view
Agenda / Event list
Dynamic view switching
Printing and print optimized styling
Templating Advanced templating for different components Basic, event only
View configuration Advanced Basic
Main features
Recurring events
Drag & drop
Timezone support
Cell backgrounds & colors
Vertical & timeline resource view
Disabled days & times
RTL Support
System aware theming Dynamic theme (iOS, Material, Windows) and light/dark switch Not available, only Standard and Bootstrap
Advanced features - Control the complete UX around calendaring
Popup event list
Tools for custom add/edit/detail screens
Various form controls & fields
Various pickers
Advanced date & time pickers
Recurring event editor
Google calendar integration
Outlook calendar integration
Desktop, mobile, responsive - Build UI for all screens
Desktop support
Mobile support
Responsive API
Frameworks and flavors
Plain Javascript
Angular Yes (including Ionic Framework)
React Yes (including Ionic Framework)
Vue Yes (including Ionic Framework)
Technical support - We are here to make you successful
Tickets No limit on number of tickets (with fair use policy) 2 per month
Response time Up to 1 business day (priority) or up to 3 business days (standard) 48 hours
Team friendly pricing - Level up your team Mobiscroll FullCalendar
1 Developer from $995 from $480
5 Developers (1 support seat) from $995 from $1560
5 Developers (5 support seats) from $1459 from $1560
10 Developers (1 support seat) from $995 from $2400
10 Developers (10 support seats) from $1895 from $2400
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