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Customize your app and controls to fit with your brand
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  • Use UI elements that perfectly fit into your app
  • Create custom themes easily without the need to write any css, calculate gradients
  • Intelligent algorithms calculate how the elements will look based on a couple of base colors
  • Keep it clean and start with color presets, then fine tune-it to your needs
  • Try your new theme with our various demos
  • Download the themes with our hassle-free download builder
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The sky is the limit, but we make it simple for you. We have 8 good looking themes that you can use in your web, hybrid and native apps. But it doesn't stop there.
Our theme builder is there to help you create the perfect look that will delight your users.
We have created the perfect tool for you, that makes it easy and fun to customize the 8 Themes, including iOS, iOS7, Android, Android Holo (light and dark), Windows Phone (light and dark), Sense UI, jQuery Mobile (inherits jQM swatches) and our Default theme.
All those tricky gradient calculations, color matching is covered with a simple form that is kids play to use. There are even presets that will help you get started.

With the live editor you don't have to save/load the theme to try it, you will see the effect of your changes immediately.

You can always go back to your saved themes, edit and download them any time without the need to write any CSS or HTML code.
We are doing the heavy lifting in the background so you don't have to!

You don't have to take our word for it, or that of our customers. Try them for yourself, with our RISK-FREE 90 Day Trial you're safe.
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