Frequently Asked Questions about Mobiscroll
1. What is mobiscroll?
Mobiscroll UI is a library of components for mobile web and hybrid development. Created with a lot of attention to usability and performance. It ships with 19 distinctive and customizable controls that can be used to enhance data entry, usability of websites and mobile apps.
2. Where and how can I use mobiscroll?
You can use mobiscroll components in your mobile web and hybrid apps for making data picking and navigation easy. Plays well with other frameworks and tools, and comes with different flavors & integrations: Vanilla Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Angular, Ionic, React, Knockout and ASP.NET MVC. Mobiscroll supports all major browsers and platforms.
At its core it is a javascript library so it runs everywhere where javascript can be executed.
3. How is mobiscroll licensed?
Component licenses are issued per UI control. Framework and Complete licenses are issued for the complete toolset. Floating and Enterprise licensing is available. Please contact us for more information. The Licenses are not valid for IDEs, App Builders and Development tools.
If you make an authoring tool that you sell and you wish to include Mobiscroll components, that counts as an OEM License and is not covered by the regular licenses. Feel free to contact us if you're unsure.
4. What are seats?
The licenses come with a spcific number of seats. Each seat can be assigned to a developer for access to online tools, builders and professional support.
Not all developers need to be assinged to a seat if they work on projects where mobiscroll is used. If you have multiple developers who need access to support and online tools, you can get add-on seats as an incremental cost. Component licenses come with three seats, while Framework and Complete licenses are issued with a single seat.
5. Do you have Trials, I don't want to take a risk, what if I don't like it?
You can try Mobiscroll for 15 Days for FREE.
We are looking to make it as easy and fast as possible so you can actually see how the controls look in your app.
If you have any questions during the trial period, please let us know! We'd be more than happy to help. The TRIAL comes with its limitations. Please see below for what is and what is not available.
6. What are the differences between the trial and licensed product?
The trial is meant for evaluation only and comes with a number of limitations. Functionality is limited to 15 days with encrypted and unoptimized files.
The differences between the trial and licensed product:
  • Trial is served through a CDN and needs and active internet connection. Licensed controls can be downloaded and used offline
  • Files cannot be debugged while trial packages are included. Debugging will work fine with the full library
  • Functionality is limited to 15 days. Controls will stop working after expiry
  • Trial packages are not optimized for size or load speed
  • Custom themes cannot be loaded with trial packages
  • Everything is bundled in a single file, content cannot be customized
  • Module loaders and UMD loading will not work with the trial
  • TRIAL caption will show up in random places
  • Trial controls cannot be used in production environments
There is no need to change anything in the implementation after license purchase except the licensed files need to be loaded instead of trial. Start your free trial now!
7. How does the Theme Builder work?
The Theme Builder is the quickest way to get beautiful and professional looking themes that match your brand and application.
We provide a super-easy to use tool where themes can be customized with just a couple of clicks. You can create your custom themes with a Trial account and download once upgraded to the licensed product.
8. Can I download all updates after I've purchased a license?
Every new license comes with one year of free updates and support. Maintenance can be optionally extended on a discount - 40% off before expiry - on a yearly basis.
New, major releases are covered by maintenance renewals, so no need for full price license re-purchase.
9. What are the payment options and can you give me an invoice?
We accept credit/debit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX). Payment is being processed securely through Braintree. Our transaction pages are encrypted and we take customer data security very seriously.
Operating as an EU company we can provide a VAT Invoice (where applicable) according to EU law.
We accept purchase orders, and we also work with resellers. Please contact us with questions.
We process payments in multiple currencies. Most EU customers can purchase in EUR, while customers from the United Kingdom can order in GBP and customers from Switzerland in CHF. Customers from Japan can order in JPY. Customers from Brazil can pay in BRL. For all other countries, the prices are displayed and orders are processed in USD.
10. How can I get help if I have questions about working with mobiscroll components?
Check out our extensive API Documentation.
You can get professional support from the development team through our support form.
You can get community help as well. Ask and answer questions on StackOverflow.
11. Can I use the mobiscroll core to build my own custom controls?
Absolutely! The mobiscroll core is open source, and you can build your own custom scrollers. The easiest way to get started with mobiscroll development is through our GitHub page.
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