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Javascript Starter

Keeping it clean, not using any framework? Try the vanilla JS starter.

Download for Javascript
jQuery Starter

Are you using jQuery? Stick with the familiar API and try the jQuery starter.

Download for jQuery
jQuery Mobile Starter

Building with jQuery Mobile? Try this starter app and stay consistent with the look & feel.

Download for jQuery Mobile
Angular Starter

Try this starter built with Angular 1.x. or Angular 4.

Download for AngularJS Download for Angular
Ionic Starter

Developing with Ionic. Try this fully functional Ionic or Ionic 3 app.

Download for Ionic Download for Ionic 3
React Starter

Building with React? Try this starter and modify it to your needs.

Download for React
Vue.js Starter

Building with Vue.js? Try this starter and modify it to your needs.

Download for Vue.js
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