Date & time picker with Calendar for mobile & desktop

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Date & time picker for mobile
and desktop

Use the scroller components for separate date and time selection or a combined view for picking both. Render a mobile friendly scroller on touchscreens and a dropdown optimized for interaction on desktop with a cursor.

See the date picker in action

Calendar view single, multi-day and
week selection

Use the calendar view for picking one or more dates and even full weeks. Show the number of days selected, set min and max selectable values.

See the calendar in action
Single day selection
Select counter
Multiple day selection
Week selection

Date and time range selection

Use the range picker to select a start and end date for setting a period of date and time. Switch between the scroller, dropdown and calendar views depending on the platform and your needs.

See the range in action
Date range selection
Time range selection

Calendar view with
one or more months

Showing multiple months at once makes sense for certain use-cases. Specify the number of months or rely on auto-sizing and display as many as fit.

Check out the multi month view in action
Two month view
Range select withstart & end date

Validation with disabled dates, min & max
for restricting selection

Data validation is important. Reduce user errors and disable specific dates, times, ranges and set minimum and maximum values to make picking values quick and reliable.

Take a look at how to restrict selection
Minimum selectable value
Configure invalid dates

Marked and colored days

Mark days in the calendar with dots, icons, labels or change their background color. Days carry a lot of valuable information, use these marks to your advantage and help users make sense of what they are seeing.

See marked/colored/labels events
Marked days
with dots
Colored days

Inline or modal popup with fullscreen view

Render the components inline on pages or display them in modals with center, bottom, top and contextual bubble positioning. Fullscreen display is available as well.

Various elements for creating beautiful forms

Use the collection of form components for creating great looking forms. Shipping with a variation of inputs, text areas, checkboxes, radio buttons, switches and more.

Variable week view

Don’t need to show a full month? Configure a week view to save space and only display one, two or as many weeks as necessary.

Localization & culture settings

Show localized date and time formats in the pickers and calendars. Localization includes micro-copy for buttons & dialogs as well.

Multiple themes & customization

Make the event calendar truly feel like a part of your application. Use the available themes and fine-tune it to your needs with the Theme Builder and Sass.

RTL & accessibility

Support RTL without headaches. No need to build special logic to support Right-to-Left languages. Keyboard support, screenreader and WAI-ARIA support is built in.

Customize downloads

Fine-tune and optimize package size by including only what you need. Using the calendar for picking start and end dates? - don’t include the scrollers.

For internal project or SaaS

We offer two types of licenses, one for internal projects and another for multi-customer products including cloud-SaaS, PaaS, on-premise, white-label products.

1 year of free updates and support

Internal project licenses come with the first year of maintenance included. The maintenance agreement can be renewed on a yearly basis and cover minor & major versions, bug fixes, technical support, NPM and CI/CD access.

Angular & Ionic Angular demos

React & Ionic React demos

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Date & time picker with Calendar for single, multiple and start-end selection

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Date and time range selection
Calendar view with one or more months
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Various elements for creating beautiful forms
Localization & culture settings
Multiple themes & customization
RTL & accessibility
Customize downloads
Single internal project license
1 year of free updates and support
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For SaaS, PaaS, on-premise, white-label products

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Date, time & Calendar
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