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Top three reasons why to go for custom development

Speed on delivery

Because we know all the ins and outs of the library we can provide quick and timely solutions.

Great user experience

We'll provide our insight and experienceto help you deliver great productsto your users.

By the same people building the products

You'll get to work with the people who are actually building Mobiscroll.

Building on top of Mobiscroll

We provide tools that are deeply customizable through the API, however in some situations it is not enough.
In those scenarios you can dig into the code yourself or take advantage of the custom development services we provide.

Some of the things we have built

We can usually help with projects that are brief, take up to a couple of days and are loosly
based on the products we already provide. See a couple of examples and projects we did for our clients.

Custom UI for high-end sauna control

KLAFS is building saunas since 1928. With the launch of their highly innovative and compact retractable sauna, they released an app to enable their customers manage their saunas and plan everything ahead.

Mobiscroll helped with building custom scrollers for temperature and time with a specific seven-segment look & feel to match the hardware controller.

Integrated range and single day select calendar

Skeddle takes planning events and dates to a new level. Friends and family can easily plan and schedule meetups that work for everyone.

Mobiscroll helped with building a custom date and time picker that supports the selection of a single day but can also quickly switch to a date range picker for multi-day events.

Japanese era enabled date picker

Zurich Insurance Company needed a custom component for their Japanese branch. While building mobile websites, date picking became a recurring action that users needed to do.

Mobiscroll delivered a custom date scroller control to help people pick dates in a familiar format, with the Japanese era included.

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Amazing group to work with.

- Jeff Johnson, SkunkworkxLab

Thanks for this great piece of work - we have done the right move working with you rather than trying to build something ourselves.

- Michael Kaufmann, Sceddle

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