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Tools for creating interactive event calendar and schedule views for mobile & desktop. More efficient than building your own, better on mobile than Fullcalendar or Syncfusion.

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Responsive calendar view with
mobile & desktop mode

Use the event calendar on both mobile and desktop screens and switch between modes with the resposnive API.

See the calendar in action

Save space with configurable
week views

Whether you re looking for a single week view, multiple week view or a month view we have you covered. Combine it with an agenda for a great mobile experience.

See the week view in action
Show a single week to save space
Two weeks
Three weeks or more

Agenda - day, week, month &
custom range view

List out upcoming events with the agenda view. Set it up as a daily, weekly, monthly agenda or configure a custom range for the event list.

See the agenda view in action
Configurable range
Compact daily schedule
Daily, weekly, monthly agenda

Customizable event listing with
swipe gestures

Use the built in agenda view or render a custom list with swipe gestures and advanced functionality. Use images, icons and anything that makes sense for your use-case. Pass custom markup as the event data to render custom content.

Check out the custom listing in action
Swipe gestures, drag & drop
Event list withcustom markup

Single & multi-day events with support
for one-time & recurring events

Both single and multi-day events with variable start and end times are supported. One-time and recurring events are supported, like day of month, day of year, repeating weekdays and more.

Take a look at various events
One-time event
Multiple-day event
Recurring event

Create & edit event forms with
custom data fields

Add & edit events with custom data properties. Put together the best forms to let your calendar shine with the various fields and date/time pickers.

See how to add/edit events
Confirm dialog
Custom add event form

Advanced components for
event editing

Besides the great collection of fields and inputs use the mobile friendly date/time scrollers and desktop optimized dropdowns or calendar views for your custom add/edit forms.

See it in action
Calendar view
Mobile time scroller

Pop-over event listing or list
view for schedule

Besides the labels, agenda views, custom event listing use the compact pop-overs to get the full picture of daily events. This contains everything, including events that don't fit the day cell.

Take a look at how the popover renders
Event list in popover
Happening at
Event length

Load events from a local data source
or a remote API

Events can be loaded from a local JSON object, from a remote API or on demand as users navigate the calendar or agenda.

See a live demo
onPageLoading: function (event, inst) {
    var year = event.firstDay.getFullYear(),
        month = event.firstDay.getMonth();

        + year + '&month=' + month, function (data) {
    function (events) {
    }, 'jsonp');
Load events on demand
Get data from remote API

Localization & culture settings

Show localized date and time formats in the event listing, agenda and calendar views. Localization includes micro-copy for buttons & dialogs as well.

Multiple themes & customization

Make the event calendar truly feel like a part of your application. Use the available themes and fine-tune it to your needs with the Theme Builder and Sass.

RTL & accessibility

Support RTL without headaches. No need to build special logic to support Right-to-Left languages. Keyboard support, screenreader and WAI-ARIA support is built in.

Customize downloads

Fine-tune and optimize package size to include only what you need. Using the basic agenda view for event listing? - don’t include the listview with gestures.

For multiple projects & developers

Can be used by multiple developers in multiple projects. For technical support, seats need to be purchased as an add-on to the license.

Customize downloads

Licenses come with the first year of maintenance included. The maintenance agreement can be renewed on a yearly basisand includes minor & major versions, bug fixes and technical support.

Simple Pricing

Pricing per product or the full toolset

Responsive Event Calendar
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