Select, pickers and dropdowns for mobile & desktop

Pick the right tool for the job. Single, multiple value selection for text, color and more. Better than patched together solutions, more efficient than building it yourself.

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Tools for mobile & desktop

Use the right tool for the job. Pick from various components that are optimized for both mobile and desktop, like select, dropdown for text, image select, hierarchical list, numeric keypad and color picker.

See the select in action
Numeric keypad
Color picker

Single or multiple value selection

Single value selection is supported as well as multi-value select. This can be super useful and provides a great UX when building filters and such. Multiple select works with grouped option lists too.

See the multiple select in action
Multiple color picker
with predefined max

Text select with hierarchy and groups

Render a flat list or a hierarchy. This can be useful in situations where users need to filter through multiple steps. It can be handled with the help of opt-groups for grouping or the treelist for variable depth.

See the multi level hierarchy in action
Grouping & segmenting values
Treelist with variable depth

Filtering and autocomplete

Filter big datasets either on the client side, or server side and load the data through an API. Use the auto-complete feature and provide an input at the top of the list that makes finding values quicker.

See the filtering in action
Input for filtering values
Local or remote filtering

Keypad for numeric value entry

Use the numeric keypad to enter monetary values, phone numbers, dates, times, PIN or create custom presets with validation and custom rules. Better then the built-in soft keyboard for entering numeric values.

See the numpad in action
Passcode entry
Decimal value
Phone number
Monetary value

Horizontally scrollable list for
turning options on/off

Render a list of horizontally scrollable items with icons & labels. Set it up as single select for navigation or multiple select for turning option on and off.

See the optionlist in action
Turn options on or off
Free-form or snap scrolling

Circular wheels

Lists lists can be scrolled in a circular manner, not just from end-to-end, which makes getting from the end of the list to the start a quick action.

Built in support for invalids and un-selectable values

Have certain values show up but make them un-selectable. These will have disabled styling to make help users pick correct values and will help in validating forms.

Various elements for creating beautiful forms

Use the collection of form components for creating great looking forms. Shipping with a variation of inputs, text areas, checkboxes, radio buttons, switches and more.

Localization & culture settings

Show localized formats in the pickers. Localization includes micro-copy for buttons & dialogs as well.

Multiple themes & customization

Make the components truly feel like a part of your application. Use the available themes and fine-tune it to your needs with the Theme Builder and Sass.

RTL & accessibility

Support RTL without headaches. No need to build special logic to support Right-to-Left languages. Keyboard support, screenreader and WAI-ARIA support is built in.

Customize downloads

Fine-tune and optimize package size by including only what you need. Using the select with autocomplete? - don’t include the numeric keypad.

For multiple projects and developers

Can be used by multiple developers in multiple projects. For technical support, seats need to be purchased as an add-on to the license.

1 year of free updates and support

Licenses come with the first year of maintenance included. The maintenance agreement can be renewed on a yearly basis and includes minor & major versions, bug fixes and technical support.

Simple Pricing

Pricing per product or the full toolset

Select, pickers and dropdowns
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Various elements for creating beautiful forms
Localization & culture settings
Multiple themes & customization
RTL & accessibility
Customize downloads
For multiple projects and developers
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