List view with gestures
and card layout

Render vertically and horizontally scrollable listviews with built-in gestures, hierarchy and card layout. Better than patched together solutions, more efficient than building it yourself.

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List view with full-blown gesture support

Use the list view to render listable content with built-in gesture support. Swipe away for delete, slide to reveal action list or drag & drop to reorder. These gestures when done right, can give superpowers to users and enable them to get things done efficiently.

See the listview in action
Render any type
of content
Swipe rows for action
Action list for list items

Drag & drop sorting and
reordering of rows

Use the reorder feature to let your users drag & drop list items in the order they desire. Reordering can be set up with a drag handle, activated without a handle on tap or click & hold. You can enable it for the entire list, have it only inside groups or between groups.

See the reordering in action
Grab item by the handle
and start sorting
Tap/click & hold to pick up row
and drag to reorder

Hierarchical list views with
variable depth

Use the list view to render a variable depth list that can be easily navigated. Use it to segment long lists, to build out navigation for the web or have things grouped logically with progressive disclosure.

See the hierarchy in action
Navigate the hierarchy

Customizable card layout with built-in
styling for header, content and footer

Create nicely styled content with the help of the card layout. It ships with pre-defined sections for header, body and footer. It can also be used to house top-level content that has all the details just one click away.

See the cards in action

Interesting vertically and horizontally
scrollable lists

Combine the list view, scrollview and cards for interesting vertically and horizontally scrollable layouts. Use the cards to render the content, the scrollview for horizontal scrolling and the list view to list out the independently movable collection.

See the scrollview in action
Horizontally scrollable
Vertically scrollable

CRUD with confirm and undo

Shipping with methods to add and remove you can create, update and delete items and animate it. Swipe away to remove can be set up to ask for confirmation and to provide undo functionality to reverse the action.

See the delete functionality in action
Confirm delete
Undo to reverse action

Multiple data-sources support

The list view can be rendered based on existing markup or can be loaded from a remote API. Loading the data can be handled in the various lifecycle event handlers.

Load on demand capabilities

With having listeners on scroll, you can easily implement load-on-demand or load data on button clicks. This way you can ship rendered markup quickly and efficiently to your users.

Simple to advanced grouping capabilities

Create custom groups to segment your list. Enable sorting inside groups or between them where it makes sense. When scrolling through long content, the sticky group header indicates where the view is positioned in the list.

Custom content & advanced forms with various form elements

Use the collection of form components to create great looking forms. Shipping with a variation of inputs, text areas, checkboxes, radio buttons, switches and more.

Multiple themes & customization

Make the components truly feel like a part of your application. Use the available themes and fine-tune it to your needs with the Theme Builder and Sass.

RTL & accessibility

Support RTL without headaches. No need to build special logic to support Right-to-Left languages. Keyboard support, screenreader and WAI-ARIA support is built in.

Customize downloads

Fine-tune and optimize package size by including only what you need. Using only the list view? - don’t include cards in your package.

For multiple projects and developers

Can be used by multiple developers in multiple projects. For technical support, seats need to be purchased as an add-on to the license.

1 year of free updates and support

Licenses come with the first year of maintenance included. The maintenance agreement can be renewed on a yearly basis and includes minor & major versions, bug fixes and technical support.

Simple Pricing

Pricing per product or the full toolset

List view with gestures
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List view with full-blown gesture support
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Custom content & advanced forms with various form elements
Multiple themes & customization
RTL & accessibility
Customize downloads
For multiple projects and developers
1 year of free updates and support
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