What goes into building the Date & Time picker

Everything that you need to build a great UI component

Building a Date & Time control should be easy, right? Just a couple of hours of work and you can whip it up with some JS and CSS magic. Easy peasy!

Well... we've been doing this for some years now and let me tell you this: it's not that simple. Let's see what you'll be needing for a great date and time picker.

The features

These are the obvious and not so obvious features. You might just need a couple of these or maybe most of them to solve your immediate needs, but probabaly not all. Fair enough... keep in mind the Date & Time can prove to be useful in a whole lot of contexts.

Things to solve

These are the things that you don't think about. All those little details, edge cases that you don't come across when you assess the project and things that usually surface when people start using it. These are the invisible helpers that make things work like they do.

Other things to consider

Some things that come after the "Yay... It's done!"

Please do yourself, your customers, clients and managers a favor. Don't waste your time and make meaningful progress.

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Latest version released: v4.10.1
Released 5 days ago