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Mobiscroll is a collection of UI controls
to help you get ahead of the competition

Works across the web, iOS, Android and Windows Phone 10

Build with your favorite framework on your favorite platform

As long as it's Javascript, it doesn't matter if you build with Phonegap or Ionic or you don't use anything at all.
Mobiscroll is framework agnostic and works with your favorite technologies and tools. It comes with multiple APIs for plain Javascript, jQuery, Angular and React.

Meet the components

We are shipping UI components to cut serious development time.

Date & time pickers

Handle almost any date and time picking challenges thrown your way.

Shipping with calendar view, date, time and timespan scrollers the components are ready for mobile, touch devices, kiosks all the way to fully fledged desktop web apps.

Booking calendars

Building UI for booking resources, plane tickets, rentals or hotel rooms?

Get ready for mobile, touch devices and desktop web, supporting validation, disabled dates, min & max, custom functionality and more.

Try the components
Range picker
Date range
Time range
Try the components
Range picker

Event calendars

Use it to build a mobile friendly calendaring and scheduling experience. With the help of the calendar view, week view, scheduler, timeline and agenda you are covered for most use cases.

With built in resources, drag & drop, optimized mobile & desktop interaction, work week & hours combined with deep customization... there is much to explore.

Week view
Grid view
Agenda view

Pickers & dropdowns

Handle data selection on mobile and desktop like a pro.

Single, multiple value select for text, images in hierarchy or with autocomplete and with the dedicated color picker you are prepared for most scenarios.

Single select
Select with filtering

Form components

Create engaging and good looking forms.

The form components cover different types of inputs, buttons, switches, checkboxes, steppers and more.

Break up the monotony of boring UI and get all the tools you need to build polished forms for mobile & desktop.

Gesture enabled responsive lists

List any type of flat or hierarchical data with built-in gesture support for slide/cover actions, delete, reorder, organize and more.

Render either vertical, horizontal lists and use a custom container or use the built-in cards for a consistent look & feel.

Swipe actions

Numeric pickers

Handle number entry and selection like a pro.

Whether you’ll need to enter a number, phone number, monetary value or you’ll need to pick from a set of pre-defined values, set measurements with or without unit conversion, you got it all. The numeric keypad even supports date and time entry as well.

Variable value format
Numeric scroller

Page layout & navigation

Handle anything from simple to complex responsive layouts to house your content and forms.

Use the navigation component to handle tabs, bottom navigation and hamburger menus as pop-overs.

With the help of the popup component dynamically show focused interfaces when and how you need it.

Vertical alignment
Horizontal alignment

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"We are using the Mobiscroll Calendar in one of our products.
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the support team went above and beyond to help me with the problem.

I was absolutely amazed by it and got so much more than I was expecting."

Tom Maddocks, Web Developer, Blueleaf

Easily add to existing projects or use it for brand new solutions

No problem if you have an existing project, you can easily plug Mobiscroll into your Cordova apps. Think of it as powerups.

Some of the smartest companies rely on mobiscroll for their UI

With well thought out components and a lot of edge cases handled make your app feel and be top notch.

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Latest version released: v5.27.1
Released last week